how to speed reading

Attorneys from the law offices of Gordon Nicol offices are your ideal lawyers. That is because they possess the most important skill of all; they know how to read well and fast, without compromising the contents of the documents. Not many lawyers have this ability. Although lawyers are quite acquainted with speed-reading, oftentimes they overlook several details which may be detrimental to the movement of the case.

Speed reading is not something that only lawyers or law students need. In fact, even your high school or college professors need this ability in order to cope up with the stack of term papers, position papers, exam booklets, and the like. This skill would also be a great help for students and employees who deal with administrative tasks.

That said, we have gathered some tips which we truly recommend for you to develop the skill of effective speed reading. Follow these tips and you will not only read fast, you will also understand well what you are reading.

Effective Reading Tips

  • Spend time casually reading articles

If you really wish to develop your speed and quality in reading, you must first acquaint yourself with simple reading. For instance, reading blog articles and newspapers every day would introduce your brain to consistent reading. Do not just do this once or twice; you might want to make it to a point that you allot several minutes in a day for reading just so your brain gets used to the activity.

  • Skim through the reading material

Before engaging in serious reading, try to skim through the pages of the reading material just so your brain would be familiar of the contents of the document.

the best books for fast reading

  • Practice by setting limitations

In order to sharpen your skills, like any other skill, you must practice it. You must exert effort in practicing this activity and when you do, you should challenge yourself each and everytime. By setting limitations, you are challenging your brain to cover more contents in lesser amount of time. While perfection is not really guaranteed by practice, improvement actually is.

  • Read the material out loud

Others may find it easier to understand what they are reading when they read it out loud. However, there are also those who prefer to read with their eyes. Loud reading may help information skin in your brain more because you are verbalizing what you are seeing. This helps you effectively understand what you are reading.

  • Read the whole thing twice or thrice

If possible, make sure you read the material more than once. The first reading may be a causal, newspaper-style reading while the second reading could be more serious. The second or third reading is much easier since your brain has already been introduced previously to the information.

  • Make use of highlighters

Other aids for effective reading would be the use of highlighters. Some prefer colored highlighters while others are satisfied with using pencil to highlight/mark/encircle certain words, points, enumerations, etc.

The Bottom Line

The real challenge is combining the ability to read fast and the ability to understand immediately what you are reading. Indeed, this skill requires practice. Spend time reading every day and in no time, you will definitely see improvements.