teamwork in sports

Participating in sports has always been a part of growing up. In all parts of the world, children are taught to play sports whether in schools or in their own neighborhoods. Although many children take sports clubs and sports games just for the sake of satisfying Physical Education class or just for pastime recreation, there are those who choose to pursue sports; some because of pure passion, future career plans, and others, because of pressure from parents.

But how does participating in sports affect athletes? Specifically, young athletes who are still attending school? Indeed, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages sports give children.

This way, parents will be able to figure what to do and what not to do. Mastacie will help guide parents and guardians in improving their children’s sports experiences.

The Advantages

  • Discipline

One of the biggest advantage in sports for young athletes is learning discipline. Sports, in general, will require the player to be disciplined when it comes to practices as well as when reacting to losses. This discipline translates well into other aspects of the athlete’s life; hence, there are many athletes who actually excel academically. This is in contrast to the misconception or stereotypes that sports players do horrible in school.

  • Sportsmanship

In sports, players learn the ups and downs in life. They learn to accept the fact that things does not always go as planned and you can’t always win in life. Even if you’ve practiced many times a week, there may be factors that will change the outcomes of games. And the best way to react is to accept negative results positively. Instead, make it into a motivation rather than a discouragement.

  • Health benefits

Since athletes exercise regularly, they are able to avoid health problems such as obesity and many other health issues. Aside from this, sports is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety especially in children.

  • Social Life & Teamwork

In sports, it’s common to meet new people. Thus, the social life of a young athlete would really improve. Furthermore, the child will also learn how to work with words and how teams should function. This would be a great help for the child in school as well as in the future.

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The Disadvantages

  • Time

Sports will require time commitment and we cannot deny that. Committing time for practices, games, etc. is a way of practicing discipline.

  • Pressure

Some parents fail to recognize that their expectations for their children in sports put their children under a lot of pressure and this could adversely affect the way their kids deal with the sports.

  • Physical Injuries

In playing sports, there will always be a risk of injury; this is why it’s very important for young athletes to have the right equipment necessary for the sport. For instance, if the child plays hockey; he must secure a head protective gear (helmet), right size of skates (check out Skates Hq), chest protector, and all other gears for protection.