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Recommended Tips On How To Read Well Like A Lawyer

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Attorneys from the law offices of Gordon Nicol offices are your ideal lawyers. That is because they possess the most important skill of all; they know how to read well and fast, without compromising the contents of the documents. Not many lawyers have this ability. Although lawyers are quite acquainted with speed-reading, oftentimes they overlook several details which may be detrimental to the movement of the case.

Speed reading is not something that only lawyers or law students need. In fact, even your high school or college professors need this ability in order to cope up with the stack of term papers, position papers, exam booklets, and the like. This skill would also be a great help for students and employees who deal with administrative tasks.

That said, we have gathered some tips which we truly recommend for you to develop the skill of effective speed reading. Follow these tips and you will not only read fast, you will also understand well what you are reading.

Effective Reading Tips

  • Spend time casually reading articles

If you really wish to develop your speed and quality in reading, you must first acquaint yourself with simple reading. For instance, reading blog articles and newspapers every day would introduce your brain to consistent reading. Do not just do this once or twice; you might want to make it to a point that you allot several minutes in a day for reading just so your brain gets used to the activity.

  • Skim through the reading material

Before engaging in serious reading, try to skim through the pages of the reading material just so your brain would be familiar of the contents of the document.

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  • Practice by setting limitations

In order to sharpen your skills, like any other skill, you must practice it. You must exert effort in practicing this activity and when you do, you should challenge yourself each and everytime. By setting limitations, you are challenging your brain to cover more contents in lesser amount of time. While perfection is not really guaranteed by practice, improvement actually is.

  • Read the material out loud

Others may find it easier to understand what they are reading when they read it out loud. However, there are also those who prefer to read with their eyes. Loud reading may help information skin in your brain more because you are verbalizing what you are seeing. This helps you effectively understand what you are reading.

  • Read the whole thing twice or thrice

If possible, make sure you read the material more than once. The first reading may be a causal, newspaper-style reading while the second reading could be more serious. The second or third reading is much easier since your brain has already been introduced previously to the information.

  • Make use of highlighters

Other aids for effective reading would be the use of highlighters. Some prefer colored highlighters while others are satisfied with using pencil to highlight/mark/encircle certain words, points, enumerations, etc.

The Bottom Line

The real challenge is combining the ability to read fast and the ability to understand immediately what you are reading. Indeed, this skill requires practice. Spend time reading every day and in no time, you will definitely see improvements.

Important Tips To Follow When Choosing A Divorce Lawyer

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Unfortunately, not all marriages turn out happily-ever-after. For some, irreconcilable differences and many other reasons pave the way towards the termination of marriage. The path to divorce is not smooth, rather it is rocky. However, this road, although less traveled, needs to traversed and the first step towards completing the journey is by selecting your the legal counsel. Trust me, reading law books in the library will not really be enough for you to represent yourself in court.

Choosing a divorce lawyer might be a little difficult as there are several factors you will have to consider. Nonetheless, here are some tips in choosing your attorney.

Tip 1. Do your research

To ensure that you end up with a good attorney, you must do your own research. You may ask friends and families for recommendations. When you finally come up with names, try to check their website, like that of,  to know more about their services.

Tip 2. Ask them many questions

Before you hire a lawyer, you must first consult with your prospective attorney with regards to your case. During this time, you should definitely ask many questions. The answers given by the prospective attorney shall serve as a guide for you when you decide whether or not to hire them.

Tip 3. Take note of their personality

When you meet the attorney, you will surely have a feel of their personality or vibe. Make sure you go for an attorney whose personality mixes well with yours. If during the consultation, there seems to be tension between you and the lawyer, you might want to consider meeting other lawyers.

Keep in mind that you will be working with your divorce attorney for quite some time especially if your case is a complicated one. That said, you better choose an attorney whose personality will not stress you out.

choosing the best lawyer for divorce

Tip 4. Tap on previous clients

Good lawyers will allow, if not encourage, you to talk to their previous clients just so you will hear some feedback and comments about the services they render. When given this chance, do not hesitate to do so as this will give you a great idea when it comes to how this lawyer might handle your case.

Tip 5. Ditch promises and guarantees

Skip lawyers who make promises and guarantees. A good lawyer knows that anything may happen to your case; hence, it would not be wise to promise or guarantee that the decision would be in your favor.

Tip 6. Be realistic with your expectations

Sometimes, your real enemy is your expectations. If you expect too much from your divorce case, chances are you will definitely be disappointed. Expecting that the properties will be solely owned by you or that the custody of the children will surely be given to you might not be the best way to approach your divorce case. In other words, you must keep your expectations realistic. Ask your lawyer for a realistic assessment of your case. You, yourself, must also assess your situation.


A Guide In Building Your Very Own Library At Home

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Others may be passionate about music while some may focus more on sports. There are also those who love books and one of the ultimate dreams of many book lovers is to have their personal library at home. Your very own library may serve as the safe haven of the books you have been collecting. And for those of us who love to read, our library at home may serve as our ultimate comfort zone in the house. If you feel bored, your personal library will save you from driving to the nearest public library. It will not only accommodate your love for books, it will also make things convenient for you.

In pursuing this home project, you will need to take note of several factors which you need to carefully consider before you make decisions. Allow us to provide you with a guide in building your very own  personal library.

Things To Consider

The Space

First and foremost, you need to decide on the space you will be using for your library. Lucky if you have a spare room which may utilized for your home project. If there is none, you will have to decide on the size of the library, whether you want it to be big enough to accommodate several people or if you want it to be small in order for it to be cozy and personal.

The Seats

You will also have to think hard of which type of seats you will be needing when you read. You may opt for couches as well as lazy boy chairs. The best choice would be going for seats specifically designed for reading so as to not hurt your back while you drown in your books.

building your library

The Lighting

Needless to say, the library definitely needs good lighting. Do not go for dim lights unless you will be using a study lamp while you read. A good set of lighting that will surely light up the place is the best way to go; hence, it is best to go for bright white lights rather than soft dim yellow lights. Make sure the lights do not hurt your eyes and at the same time, make sure the lights will not strain your eyes while you read.

The Walls and Flooring

For the walls, you may want to soundproof them just so you can get extra silence in your library; you might need this if there are visitors staying over your place since their chit chats might penetrate through the walls of your room. As for the flooring, carpet or wooden flooring are great choices. However, if you wish to have more options, you may also check out just to have more ideas.

The Shelves

You will also have to think about how you will be stacking your books. There are so many different types of book shelves; you may go for wooden and antique-looking ones if you wish for your library to look edgy. If you want a modern look for your library, going for steel or glass shelves would be perfect. If you wish to personalize your shelves, you may also do so. There are many companies who customize book shelves though this might be more costly than buying ready-made shelves.

Children and Sports: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Young Athletes

teamwork in sports

Participating in sports has always been a part of growing up. In all parts of the world, children are taught to play sports whether in schools or in their own neighborhoods. Although many children take sports clubs and sports games just for the sake of satisfying Physical Education class or just for pastime recreation, there are those who choose to pursue sports; some because of pure passion, future career plans, and others, because of pressure from parents.

But how does participating in sports affect athletes? Specifically, young athletes who are still attending school? Indeed, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages sports give children.

This way, parents will be able to figure what to do and what not to do. Mastacie will help guide parents and guardians in improving their children’s sports experiences.

The Advantages

  • Discipline

One of the biggest advantage in sports for young athletes is learning discipline. Sports, in general, will require the player to be disciplined when it comes to practices as well as when reacting to losses. This discipline translates well into other aspects of the athlete’s life; hence, there are many athletes who actually excel academically. This is in contrast to the misconception or stereotypes that sports players do horrible in school.

  • Sportsmanship

In sports, players learn the ups and downs in life. They learn to accept the fact that things does not always go as planned and you can’t always win in life. Even if you’ve practiced many times a week, there may be factors that will change the outcomes of games. And the best way to react is to accept negative results positively. Instead, make it into a motivation rather than a discouragement.

  • Health benefits

Since athletes exercise regularly, they are able to avoid health problems such as obesity and many other health issues. Aside from this, sports is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety especially in children.

  • Social Life & Teamwork

In sports, it’s common to meet new people. Thus, the social life of a young athlete would really improve. Furthermore, the child will also learn how to work with words and how teams should function. This would be a great help for the child in school as well as in the future.

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The Disadvantages

  • Time

Sports will require time commitment and we cannot deny that. Committing time for practices, games, etc. is a way of practicing discipline.

  • Pressure

Some parents fail to recognize that their expectations for their children in sports put their children under a lot of pressure and this could adversely affect the way their kids deal with the sports.

  • Physical Injuries

In playing sports, there will always be a risk of injury; this is why it’s very important for young athletes to have the right equipment necessary for the sport. For instance, if the child plays hockey; he must secure a head protective gear (helmet), right size of skates (check out Skates Hq), chest protector, and all other gears for protection.